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       Jinan Watercare Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd the former Reform Jinan Water Care Science&Technology Co., Ltd. is the Shandong Environmental Protection Industry Association, China Film Industry Association, China Chemical Industry Institute of Water Committee member ...






  • Water TreatmentWater is the source of life, drinking water is a basic human survival. With the improvement of people's living standards, drinking water problems become increasingly concerned about the topic, but also one of the most international public health issues of concern.

  • Sewage TreatmentMine water is both a source of pollution with industry characteristics, but also a valuable water resources. Our mine wastewater treatment technology starting in the late 1970s, most of the sewage treatment work only stay for emissions control.

  • Pharmaceutical treatmentWater treatment agent is industrial water, domestic water, wastewater treatment chemicals required in the process, through the use of these chemicals, the water can reach the necessary quality requirements. Its primary effect is to control scale and sludge composition, cut foam, reduce erosion and water contact information, remove suspended solids in water and toxic substances, deodorant bleaching, softening water quality.