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Jinan Watercare Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd the former Reform Jinan Water Care Science&Technology Co., Ltd. is the Shandong Environmental Protection Industry Association, China Film Industry Association, China Chemical Industry Institute of Water Committee member and IDA International Desalination Association China Branch of the governing unit, is in production, research and development, sales of high-tech content of the new joint-stock company, was established in June 2004 in the high-tech zones in Jinan City, Shandong Province Environmental Science and Technology Park. Since its inception, met with Tsinghua University, Shandong University and other institutions of higher learning to develop membrane water treatment equipment and environmental agents, electro-deionization technology, and become Shandong University Environmental Engineering teaching and research base, general manager of the company, environmental engineering Masters Division Mr. Alexander ring loud and clear at the same time was appointed Institute of Technology professor, and with the US Dow Chemical (DOW), United States to Hyde, the United States ITT Industries, the US company Koch Membrane, Denmark Grundfos other international film and water treatment group formed close cooperative relations, is committed to environmental protection projects, water treatment equipment and research and development production and application of water treatment chemicals.
    September 2007, the company in Shandong Binzhou Yangxin Economic Development Zone incorporated the Walt Gayang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., covering about 60 acres, more than 1700 square meters of workshop 3, under the Ministry of Finance, Engineering, and Technology development, sales, production department. Affiliation including equipment manufacturing, clean water, environmental companies, laboratories. We have a group of more than a decade of senior engineering and technical personnel, in electricity, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, food, automobiles, steel and other industries completed a number of sets of water treatment equipment design and manufacturing, technological innovation, installation and commissioning work and achieved pole good effect. The main products are membrane bioreactor (MBR), multi-media filters (MMF), microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF), reverse osmosis (RO), electrodeionization device (EDI ), electrodialysis (EDR), ion exchange equipment etc. in the domestic leading position. In civil, focused on the development project to improve water supply household water in water-stressed remission status quo now allow people to practice healthy drinking water outside, while achieving energy savings, greatly promote people's health and social growth stability and development.
    In the membrane water treatment chemicals, developed WaterCare series RO inhibitors, cleaning agents, fungicides and circulating water treatment agent, we have successfully developed a clear equivalent of US forces (PTP-0100/2000), United States Great Lakes Chemical (FLOCON135 / 260), the United States Nalco (NALCO PT-191), reverse osmosis scale US GE Brady (MDC-150/220/300) and other formulations of the same dispersing agent as an import substitute products, with outstanding The price has made many customers. I have since 2004 developed a process for the reduction of sewage sludge, namely MCMP (Multifunctional Compound Micro-organisms Preoaration), meaning "multi-functional complex microbial agents." Its role is to break down organic matter, reducing excess sludge without increasing plant sludge treatment facility, will not change its quality. While adding less, with good deodorizing function. Currently there are more than a dozen sewage treatment plant uses and achieve good results.
    Technology, service, quality - Waters Jia Technology commitment to you, the company is willing to customers and design units to provide the most advanced technology, the most reliable product quality and perfect technical services, I hope we can be your best work reliable assistant and life's most intimate friends.