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Technical Services
Water Treatment Services
     As a professional water treatment company, we give customers a wide range of technical services, including the following aspects:
     1. agent performance evaluation, scale experiments with static and dynamic simulations and experimental evaluation of pharmaceutical rotary coupon scale and corrosion inhibition properties.
     2. Water quality testing, including a variety of water quality parameters:
a) Conductivity
b) pH
c) Turbidity
d) Hardness
e) alkalinity
f) Chloride
g) sulfate ion
h) silicate
i) total phosphorus, orthophosphate
j) total zinc
k) total iron
l) COD
m) Free Chlorine
n) nitrite
o) DO, etc.
     3. microbiological analysis, including the total number of bacteria, Legionella, sticky mud, etc.
     4. Analysis of sediments, determination dirt or sediment samples contained various components.
     5. Other on-site water quality problems occurred in need of diagnosis, we will use various means to identify the problems with.